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A66, Inc. is a Pharmaceutical and Materials Research Company headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa , USA. focused on providing innovative inventions that are safe and reliable. Jan 23, 2006, West Des Moines, IA
A66 Inc. announces it is developing a new drug delivery system for certain compounds not easily put into pill form.

Cancer Drugs
Drug Delivery
AIDS Research

Mar 01, 2006, West Des Moines , IA
A66 Inc. is currently developing 2 new antibiotics for human use.
Polysaccharide Antimicrobials Jan 13, 2007 West Des Moines, IA  A66 Inc. offers up a new antimicrobial preparation for research.    
Solid State Lighting for Energy Independence June 22, 2008  West Des Moines, IA  A66 is expanding Solid State Lighting research in West Des Moines in 2009.     
Photon Extraction Jan 1, 2009 West Des Moines, IA
A66 is researching new photon extraction techniques to increase the efficiency of GaN materials.
Electric Car Research Jan, 13 2010 Mumbai, India  A66, Inc is working to make the next generation of all wheel drive electric car by 2015.    
LED Light bulb Patent Dec 13, 2011 West Des Moines, IA  A66 Inc. Receives US Patent 8,075,172 for Patent "Durable Super Cooled Intelligent Light Bulb"    
Alopecia Areata Treatment Patent Filed Dec 22, 2011 West Des Moines, IA  A66 Inc. files a patent for a new treatment option for Alopecia Areata.    
Alopecia Patent Advances June 6, 2013 West Des Moines, IA A66 Inc. Patented Alopecia Areata formula patent advances.  Clinical trials next.    

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